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Ofsted 2016

'There is a sense of pride in the quality of learning in the school from staff and from pupils'

Good and Improving

Year 10 Awards Assembly

We were delighted to host the Year 10 Celebration of Achievement Assembly on the last day of term (Tuesday 25th July 2017). The assembly was a celebration of how well the Year 10 pupils have progressed, contributed and excelled over the last year. The assembly commenced with a wonderful musical performance of 'Hallelujah' by Year 10 pupils Kylah Matibag (10S), Megan Woolley (10L), Sam Barnes (10L) and Kayley Fan (10S).  The assembly included special awards for outstanding progress, the pupils and tutor group who received the most rewards post cards, as well as awards for contributions to school and community life. Congratulations to all the pupils who won awards and also to the pupils who were nominated!