We were delighted to welcome the University of Portsmouth and CragRats to the school today (Friday 22nd November) for a Year 10 Focus Day. The theme was 'The Importance of Voting'. The University of Portsmouth looked at Portsmouth's relationship with European regions. CragRats ran two engaging sessions themed 'Speed Election' - pupils had form their own policial parties and then pitch their policies to their peers.  Thank you to the University of Portsmouth and CragRats for taking the time to visit us.

Tutor Leader of CragRats commented “The election day with Year 10's was a great day. The Year 10s showed a keen interest in their policies, had superb manifestos, very well thought out and intelligent opinions on Brexit and gave clear and impassioned speeches at the end of the day. It was a big space that was difficult sound wise and the students in both sessions generally paid attention to all of the instructions and details for the day to allow for some fantastic work to progress."

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