On Monday, 10 June 2024 a group of Year 7 students visited the Mary Rose Museum at the Historic Dockyard.  Students engaged in an informative guided tour of the museum learning about the ship, the crew and artefacts.  They learned about the immense excavation project that took place over numerous years to remove the ship from the seabed of the Solent through an immersive 4D cinema experience.

Students also used scientific and mathematical skills during a fun but educational workshop exploring the theories behind the sinking of the Mary Rose.  This practical investigation combined historical inquiry with scientific experimentation as students looked at the most likely reasons for the sinking of the Mary Rose.  Students questioned if the ship was unstable or overloaded, whether there was a design flaw as well as other factors.  Students predicted stability and tested this out on their own models to support or refute their theories.

Students benefited from this trip as they improve on their ability to pursue historically valid enquiries, how they understand different types of historical and archaeological evidence as well as how they interpret observations and data to draw conclusions.