Well done to all of our Year 7 students (yes, all of them!) who took part in the 2024 Springfield Sings competition on Thursday, 23 May. There was a tremendous feeling of anticipation, nervous tension, and excitement in the main hall, as the year group eagerly took their seats with their tutor groups and awaited the judges to arrive for the competition to start.  All morning, the audience was entertained with songs including 'Payphone', 'Riptide' and 'Someone Like You' and after each tutor group had finished their performance, they received constructive feedback and praise from the judges, Ms Spivey, Mr Waites, and one our school Trust's members, Mr Cook. 

Pupils have been working hard in Music lessons this term to improve their vocal technique as well as learning about vocal warm-ups and the health benefits of singing.

The main aim of this curriculum unit was to rehearse a class song to present on stage in this singing event, and pupils certainly rose to this challenge with energy and enthusiasm.  While the judges were out deliberating, pupils were treated to a couple of songs performed by a talented Year 10 Music pupil, Sophie Randell (10N). The whole event was ably assisted by other GCSE Music students who ran sound tech.

The final results and winning songs were:

1st place - 7N  ('Don't Stop Me Now')

2nd place - 7R  ('Party in the USA')

3rd place - 7E ('Livin' on a Prayer')

Thank you to all pupils and staff who supported the competition, congratulations to the winning groups, and well done to everyone who took part. We are looking forward to hearing you again at the next event!

Mrs Latif, Head of Music

Here is what some pupils had to say:

'I enjoyed seeing the other classes perform their songs. It was a good idea to bring everyone together as a team.' (Annabel)

'I enjoyed that we engaged the audience and got to sing along to the other songs too.' (Ivan)

'I enjoyed that we were fan-favourites with everyone joining in with our actions.' (Saul)

'The best part of the event was seeing my friends singing their songs and cheering them on. (Jasmine)

'I was very nervous but I trusted myself that everything would be alright, which it was!' (Sid)

'The teachers were very supportive by singing along with the songs and making a great atmosphere.' (Beth)

'I liked listening to the Year 10 soloist while the judges were making their decision.' (Orla)

'I enjoyed having a break off timetable to enjoy a memorable moment with my year group and fellow peers.' (Myles)