The Drama department took three coaches and 130 Year 10 and Year 11 students to see An Inspector Calls at The Mayflower Theatre on 3rd November. This play is the set text for GCSE Drama and is also being studied by a number of the GCSE English classes so it was a valuable opportunity to see the play live in the theatre. This version of the play has interesting staging which challenged the students’ understanding and provoked a lot of discussion amongst the students; some of whom liked the approach and others who did not. The discussion itself was a useful tool to engage with the play and the themes it contains, especially with regards to social class and social responsibility. This experience will enrich and enhance their learning in the classroom.

Mrs Needham, Head of Drama

'I thought it was really good. I like the symbolism of the house that was high up in comparison to us as the audience as if to say we are beneath them.'  Imogen Windebank, 10L

'I think this play is underrated. A lot of people say it is quite boring and repetitive but when you go to see it live it is exciting.' Lucy Mengham, 10D

'I thoroughly enjoyed it when the house exploded symbolising the downfall of the family’s reputation. It was different from any other show I have seen before in the style of performance. I enjoyed it but some of the acting could have been better.'  Freddie Brown, 10R