Congratulations to Springfield’s Year 11 students who are today collecting their long-awaited GCSE results! This was the first Year 11 cohort to tackle the more demanding GCSE curriculum, with almost all GCSE subjects employing the *9-1 grading system to assess more challenging curriculum content. Students did exceptionally well in preparing for and working through the pressures of their formal examinations. We are delighted that provisional figures indicate an improvement on last year’s English and Maths (combined) results, with 50% of the cohort achieving grade 5 or above in both English and Maths GCSE; grade 5 is a ‘good pass’ approximately equivalent to the previous grade B. (In 2017, 47% of the cohort achieved this). Impressively, over 70% of the cohort achieved a ‘standard pass’ of grade 4 or above in both English and Maths; grade 4 is approximately equivalent to the previous grade C and is the minimum entry requirement for the majority of A-Level / Level 3 courses. Other high attaining subjects this year (grade 4 or above) include Art – 100%, Biology – 94%, Chemistry - 93%, Physics - 94% and Textiles – 94%. 23% of the GCSE grades achieved by Springfield’s students across all subjects were grade 7 (the previous grade A) or above; a striking 12% of these were the highest grades of 9, 8 or A*. Notable successes include the Computer Scientists - 12% of their GCSEs were grade 9; and the Biologists – 9% of their GCSEs were grade 9 and 23% grade 8.

All results quoted above are provisional.

Headteacher, Sara Spivey, commented “It’s been a very positive and enjoyable morning at Springfield. The students have done very well and it has been a pleasure celebrating their individual achievements with them. The new GCSEs have been very tough, but Springfield students of all abilities have shown that they can rise to the challenge! We wish them every success and happiness in the future. I’d like again to thank the staff who put so much support into place for the students. Well-deserved congratulations to the whole Springfield community!”

Please see below pictures of some of Springfield’s top achievers celebrating their success (also pictured to the right with Head of Achievement for Year 11 Mr Williams and Ms Spivey): 

 IMG 1065 Mobile IMG 1069 Mobile

Results of those pictured: 

Olivia Beynon - one 8, eight 9s and one A*

Caitlin Collier - two 7s, two 8s and six 9s

Finlay Prowting - one 7, five 8s and four 9s

Imogen Grears - two 7s, four 8s, three 9s and 1 A*

William Forsey - two 6s, five 8s and three 9s

Milo Baker - two 6s, one 7, five 8s and two 9s

*More information about the new grading system is available on the Learning/Examinations section of or website or via the following link: