The table below indicates where and when pupils who will be taking after school music lessons should initially meet their teachers to be allocated a lesson time. Pupils should bring their instrument and any music they have recently been learning to show the teacher.

LessonsInitial MeetingLocation
Guitar (Ms Gray) Thursday 6th September - 3.20pm MR2
Guitar (Mr Dexter) Tuesday 11th September - 3.15pm MR2
Violin Tuesday 18th September - 5.30pm TCC
Brass Tuesday 18th September - 3.45pm TCC
Piano/keyboard Wednesday 12th September - 3.20pm MR1
Drumkit Wednesday 12th September - 3.30pm MR2
Singing Wednesday 12th September - 3.20pm TCC
Woodwind Wednesday 12th September - 3.20pm TCC

Piano/keyboard and Ms Gray's guitar lesson times may be allocated for a different day of the week than the one stated above.

All pupils will receive this information again in a letter at the start of term, where the teacher and instrument will also be confirmed.

If your child does not receive a letter, please contact Mrs Latif at the school so that lessons can be arranged.