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Ofsted 2016

'There is a sense of pride in the quality of learning in the school from staff and from pupils'

Good and Improving

Year 11 GCSE Drama Exam Performance

On Monday, 3rd April 2017 we were were treated to a showcase of the 2017 Year 11 Drama GCSE exam performances.  The four groups of pupils gave some really superb performances prior to their formal examination performances on Tuesday, 4th April.  The pupils worked collaboratively as members of a performance group and will be assessed on four aspects of their performance:  1)  Voice and movement    2)  Roles and characterisation   3)  Communication   4)  Content, style and form.  The performances were adaptations of a selection of scenes from a full length published play or an extract from a full length published play.  The four adaptations/extracts were 'Living with Lady Macbeth' by Rob John, 'My Mother Said I Never Should' by Charlotte Keatley, 'The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night-Time' by Simon Stephens and 'Chatroom' by Enda Walsh.  

Good luck to all the Year 11 Drama pupils on your final performances!

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