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Ofsted 2016

'There is a sense of pride in the quality of learning in the school from staff and from pupils'

Good and Improving

Zambia School Appeal

A special thank you to all who have contributed to the appeal for items for a new secondary school in rural Zambia.    The contributions were collected this afternoon and will reach Zambia in the next 3 months.  For more information about the charity please visit www.vinjeruschooltrust.org

Mr Lomas



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Welcome to Year 6 Pupils

Year 6 pupils arrived this morning to start their two-day induction at Springfield. Pupils were greeted by their tutors-to-be and were escorted to their new tutor bases. Year 10 tutor group pupil assistants then gave thorough tours of the school. The rest of the day gave them an insight into Springfield school life. Sessions included a great drama production by Soloman Theatre Company and a trail as well. Needless to say they will all be exhausted by 3.30pm. The fun continues tomorrow!

Year 6 parents/carers - do not forget that the Parent Induction Evening takes place on Wednesday 5th July 2017, your child will be bringing a letter home with them tonight giving more detail.

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Year 10 Taste College Life

Year 10 pupils had the opportunity to sample life at Highbury College, Portsmouth College and Southdowns College today.  The taster day allows pupils to get a feel for the college of their choice and find out a bit more about the courses on offer.  Thanks to the colleges for letting us visit!

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Pictured above pupils finding out a bit more about 'Animal Care' at Highbury College.

Music Exams

Many pupils have been spending their lunchtimes busily practising in the music department for upcoming grade exams. Good luck to all the pupils who are taking practical music exams at the moment!

Mrs Latif, Head of Music

Scottish & Southern Electric Visit Year 10

Thank you to Scottish and Southern Electric (Havant branch) for visiting our Year 10  pupils today and giving them an insight into the interesting variety of jobs available.  Pupils had the opportunity to sit with guests and question them about their specific job role and organisation.  Pupils found out everything from how the electricity is generated and provided to households, the customer services roles as well the skills required to become an employee of Scottish and Southern Electric. Many thanks again to Scottish and Southern Electric for giving up their time to visit us today.

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Farewell to Year 11

We said a fond farewell to our Year 11s today. Ms Creighton and Mr Franklin sent them on their way with an up-beat leavers' assembly reflecting on the year group's time at Springfield. The assembly was a celebration of the pupils' school life over the past five years with alternative Springfield awards, subject awards, a story incorporating every pupil's surname, some great photos (Year 7 to present day) and lots of reminiscing. Year 11 pupil Deborah Mathew also treated everyone to an uplifting musical performance of 'Rip Tide'. The assembly was enjoyed by all. Goodbye and good luck Year 11 - the future starts here!

Year 11 Farewell


School Jumpers

We have received a few queries regarding school uniform and whether pupils are required to have their jumpers during the summer term. The school's approach is for pupils to have their full uniform until the temperatures consistently exceed mid '20s', which often occurs in July. However, please be assured that on a 'day to day' basis, staff take a sensible and flexible approach within school; should pupils become uncomfortable, they are able to remove their jumpers.

The forecast for 19th and 20th June suggests much hotter weather, and so pupils will not be required to have their jumpers on these two days. We will subsequently keep this under review and advise pupils directly of any changes to the uniform expectation.


Senior Prefect Team 2017-18 Announced Today

Well done to all the shortlisted senior prefect team contenders (pictured below) who were interviewed as part of the senior prefect team selection process this week. Pupils were interviewed by Mr Williams, Head of Achievement for Year 10 and Ms Spivey, Headteacher.  Thank you to all the pupils who participated in the process.

Special congratulations to the new senior prefect team members who are:

Head Boy - Jack Ancell, 10F

Head Girl - Eleanor Barratt, 10P

Deputy Head Boy - John Pimlott, 10N

Deputy Head Girl - Ella Rowlinson, 10F

Senior Pupils -  Milo Baker, 10N, Samuel Beer, 10R, Olivia Beynon, 10E, Paddy Bryant, 10R, Imogen Grears, 10R, Niamh Tillings, 10L and Jessica Todd, 10F  

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  The senior prefect contenders                                                                            Jack Ancell, John Pimlott, Mr Williams, Ella Rowlinson, Eleanor Barratt and Ms Spivey


DofE Opportunity for Pupils

To Year 9 Parents/Carers

Following the assembly yesterday about those pupils who are interesting in taking a bronze Duke of Edinburgh award, pupils will need to register their interest on the sign up sheet in reception by Wednesday 5th July. They will then need to attend a meeting in B23 at the beginning of lunch on Thursday 6th July to find out more.

Many thanks.

Mrs Whitelock. DofE Co-ordinator