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Ofsted 2016

'There is a sense of pride in the quality of learning in the school from staff and from pupils'

Good and Improving

Year 10 Parents' Information Evening

For those parents/carers who were not able to attend the Year 10 Information Evening yesterday please find enclosed the powerpoint presentation which will give a summary of what was discussed along with a link to the work experience letter that was also handed out.

Many thanks

Mr Wharton, Deputy Headteacher 

Work experience letter - https://goo.gl/M8LN6t 

DofE Bronze Expedition - September 2017

On Saturday 16th September 2017, 26 Year 11 students travelled to the New Forest for the final part of their expedition section. They met with their assessors and set off for the 2 days. After a few navigational errors all groups arrived safely at the finish point on Sunday afternoon to be told they had passed their Bronze expedition. Well done to all involved - if you could complete the other three sections on EDofE we can get your awards finished!

Mrs Whitelock

DofE Co-Ordinator

DofE Montage Medium

Springfield School Open Evening 2017

Springfield’s annual Open Evening will be held at 6pm on Thursday 5th October 2017. During the evening visitors will have the opportunity to take a tour of the school campus guided by one of our prefects, this is a great chance to meet students and staff who will be showcasing each subject area. Year 6 pupils/parents/carers can also attend a brief presentation given by Ms Spivey, the Headteacher and some of our students. Our Open Evening is undoubtedly the best way in which to find out more about the opportunities that Springfield has to offer. However, if you are unable to attend on the 5th, the school will be offering three Open Mornings on Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th October. These will run from 10.35am to 11.15am and consist of a tour of the campus with a senior member of staff. Places for the Open Mornings are limited and will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis; spaces are now limited to one per family. If you are unable to attend the Open Evening and would like to attend an Open Morning, please telephone Alison Norum at the school to reserve a place as soon as possible. 

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Geography Selfie Competition

As reported at the end of the summer term, the Geography department held a selfie summer competition. Pupils and staff were asked to take a picture of themselves with some geography!  We had lots of entries but we are delighted to announce the winners of the geography selfie summer competition are:

-Oliver Wells, 10R and Harriet Wells, 8R (pictured with their brother 2017 leaver Lewis Wells)

-Eleanor Duffy, 8E (thank you to Patrick Duffy, 11N for submitting),

-Faith Williams 8R with Niamh Foley 8N

The staff winners are team Kenya.

All the submitted entries will be on display in my classroom in a few weeks time. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to our winners!

Mrs Whitelock, Head of Geography

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Year 11 Photography Landscape & Environment Project

Well done to Year 11 GCSE Photography pupil Oliver Sanger, 11D who produced this great video footage. Oliver produced the video based on the theme 'Landscape and Environment'.  Pupils were asked to go on a walk and document the route with a series of images. Oliver decided to make a video and used his drone and GoPro to film the footage.

Mrs Millington, Teacher of Photography


Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Visit

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service worked with our Year 8 PDL groups today and covered issues such as fire safety, arson and evacuation procedures as part of staying safe in the community. As you can see the pupils got really wrapped up in it!  Thank you to Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service for taking the time to visit.

Mr Lomas, Head of Enterprise and PDL



African Adventures 2017 Trip

As you may recall, at the beginning of August some of our Year 10 (now Year 11) and Year 11 (now 2017 leavers) journeyed to Nakuru, Kenya to volunteer at project schools assisting with teaching, sports coaching and building work.  They were also accompanied by a team of Springfield staff.  The trip was organised through African Adventures who are a charitable organisation that offer affordable school expeditions providing a challenging and rewarding learning experience.

Mr Lomas, Head of PDL and Enterprise who co-ordinated the trip said "This is a challenging expedition enhancing pupils’ personal development. The whole experience from fund raising to the impact the Year 10 and 11 pupils have had on the Kenyan schools (and Kenya on the groups) has been incredible. The school returns to Nakuru every two years to continue the work started from the previous visit. This began in 2013, continued in 2015 and 2017. Planning for 2019 will begin in April 2018. Our school community values this trip very highly due to the enterprise culture that develops in the year leading up to the visits and the mind blowing impact of the poverty our pupils experience as well as the huge difference they make to over 700 Kenyan children’s lives each time. They teach, repair and make classrooms, make desks, paint and above all embrace the culture of this country. This is aid going direct to the source of the problem." 

Year 11 pupil Olivia Beynon comments "First of all I would like to thank Mr Lomas and the other Springfield staff for organising this eye-opening trip and making it possible for me to attend. The whole experience truly began with the fundraising where I soon realised that if I really wanted to go, I must work for it. As a teenager, I feel this motivated me to do something other than using my phone! I will admit that, at first, the money needed seemed unmanageable and too much to raise. However I was happily proven wrong as I succeeded in raising the whole amount. Throughout fundraising, I kept an excel spreadsheet to keep track of the money needed which greatly improved my IT and organisation skills. One of the best fundraisers was bag packing which helped me grow in confidence when speaking to the public as well as make new friends and work in a team. Even before I set foot in Kenya I was already becoming a better person. I can honestly say Kenya has been the best experience of my life. It was truly inspiring to see how people who, in our eyes, have so little can be so happy and strong. Such things that we take for granted: pencils, pens, a large classroom to work in or even just a school are things a Kenyan child are so grateful for. We gave many gifts like stationery, clothes and balls and I will never forgot the look on the children's faces when they got to play with the beach balls - they were ecstatic! However the most precious gift I gave was simply spending time with the children and making them feel loved and special. This time is invaluable and, although I am not there now, will continue to enrich their education - the effects are everlasting. The most inspiring thing I saw was their attitude to learning; it was their holidays yet they continued to teach themselves every single day. I know that when I was ten I never valued my education the way they do and my African Adventure has shown me just how fortunate I am- I will always value my education. Having the opportunity to repair buildings and paint was brilliant. I loved the fact that what I was doing would help in years to come and wouldn't end when I had to leave. I have never built mud walls before so it was exciting to learn the ways of Kenyan culture and experience a very different building style of a country much poorer than my own. I also got the opportunity to help make chapatis one lunch time and it was very interesting to see another culture's style of cooking. That same day we served the children food and we saw how they didn't waste anything which made me very aware that as a nation we should be much more mindful of our waste. The most difficult part of the trip was the home visits we did part way through the week. I was shocked that seven people lived in a room much smaller than an average room of an English home. Upon seeing this, it made the value and importance of helping the children even more real. Actually being there in a Kenyan home was surreal. I feel like the situation so many families are in is something my whole generation knows about yet are in denial of the facts. It is one of those taboo topics that is even joked about and it doesn't get the thought it deserves. It was an enlightening experience to be there knowing you were doing so much in a such difficult situation- a situation that is unimaginable unless witnessed first hand. I can genuinely say that this trip is an experience I am so fortunate to have had. It is rewarding in every way possible because not only does Kenya and its children benefit, it has enhanced my outlook on life in a way that never would have been possible without first hand experience. Thank you!"

Thank you to Mr Lomas, African Adventures and all the staff who gave up their time to volunteer for the trip.

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Extremely Together

We were pleased to welcome Bjørn Ingers to Springfield this morning.  Bjørn spoke to our Year 9 pupils about his personal story of surviving the Utoya Island Shooting in Norway and how this motivated him to educate young people about radicalisation and promoting peace.  Year 9 were engaged in an interactive session with Bjørn which explored how young people can play an active part in countering violent extremism and promoting a more positive counter message.  Bjørn spoke to the pupils today as part of the 'Extremely Together UK Education Roadshow'. Extremely Together was set up in 2016 by the Kofi Annan Foundation with the support of the European Commision and One Young World, they brought together 10 young leaders who steer the way in countering and preventing violent extremism. Under the banner of 'Extremely Together' they pool ideas, share experiences and produce a toolkit enabling them, their peers and thousands of young people around the world to turn the tide in the fight against extremism.

Thanks so much to Bjørn and Hayden from Unloc for visiting today, we wish you continued success with your roadshow!

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Pupils Celebrate GCSE Results

Congratulations to Springfield’s Year 11 students who are today celebrating an excellent set of GCSE results!

Despite being the first year to tackle the more demanding GCSE curriculum, including the change to the 9-1 grading system for Mathematics and English, the students have achieved above expectations and ostensibly improved on the 2016 results for a similar cohort, which were already very good!

Provisional analysis indicates that 72% of students achieved five or more GCSEs, including English and Mathematics, at the new pass level of grade 4 or above; this represents a 6% increase on last year. 73% of Springfield’s students attained a grade 4 or above in English and Mathematics - an increase on last year’s 69%, which exceeded both national and local authority average percentages.

An impressive 47% of the 2017 cohort achieved the English Baccalaureate - another 6% improvement on last year’s outcome. The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) comprises a GCSE pass for English, Mathematics, two Sciences, Humanities (History or Geography) and MFL (Modern Foreign Language). Springfield has consistently performed well in the EBacc, entering more students for these qualifications in comparison with many similar schools; the DFE confirmed that our students’ progress in the EBacc was significantly higher than the national average in 2016.

24% of the grades achieved across all subjects were A* or A (grades 7, 8 & 9 in English and Mathematics); a number of our students also demonstrated exceptional performance attaining the new highest level of grade 9 in English and/or Mathematics.

Headteacher, Sara Spivey, commented “It’s been a great morning. Celebrating the individual achievements of all of our students at all ability levels has been a joy! We are very pleased that, despite the additional pressure and uncertainty that the new curriculum has brought to all schools, our students have very much held their own. We wish them every success and happiness in the future.”

Head of Achievement, Sarah Creighton, stated “I am very proud of this year group. They worked extremely hard and deserve their good results. I know that they will go on to achieve even more.”

Congratulations also go to the 47 Year 10 students who successfully passed their Edexcel Level 3 Award in Statistics course, which is equivalent to A Level standard and ‘worth’ 7 UCAS points. An outstanding achievement!

Pictured below a selection of Springfield’s top Year 11 achievers:

IMG 1926 MobileIMG 1940 Mobile

Results of those pictured:

Azhar Baree - two A*s, four As, one B, one 6, two 9s

Zoe Bowbrick - two A*s, four As, one B, three 8s

Daniel Claydon -  seven A*s, three 9s as well as achieving an A for the Free Standing Maths Qualification which is equivalent to an A-Level  

Deborah Mathew - five As, two Bs, one 8 and two 9s

Sabine Newman - three A*s, three As, one B, one 6 and two 8s

Lewis Wells - three A*s, three As, one B, one 6, one 8 and one 9.  Lewis achieved full marks in his Spanish exam as well (300 points out of 300).

For more information on the new grading system please view the guidelines below:


Year 10 Awards Assembly

We were delighted to host the Year 10 Celebration of Achievement Assembly on the last day of term (Tuesday 25th July 2017). The assembly was a celebration of how well the Year 10 pupils have progressed, contributed and excelled over the last year. The assembly commenced with a wonderful musical performance of 'Hallelujah' by Year 10 pupils Kylah Matibag (10S), Megan Woolley (10L), Sam Barnes (10L) and Kayley Fan (10S).  The assembly included special awards for outstanding progress, the pupils and tutor group who received the most rewards post cards, as well as awards for contributions to school and community life. Congratulations to all the pupils who won awards and also to the pupils who were nominated! 


Prefect Train with Royal Navy, Royal Marines

The Year 10 Prefects were put through their paces by Royal Navy, Royal Marines Commandos on Tuesday, this involved two hours of leadership tasks.  The session was aimed at developing communication skills, problem solving and promoting teamwork; these are all attributes practiced by the Marines that can rub off on our Prefects in order to make them a highly effective unit!

Mr Lomas, Head of Enterprise and PDL

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