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Ofsted 2016

'There is a sense of pride in the quality of learning in the school from staff and from pupils'

Good and Improving

Year 8 Careers Networking Event

A group of Year 8 pupils where pleased to participate in a fast-paced interactive careers networking event at Fareham College on Wednesday 29th March called 'Future Finders'.  The event was held to raise students' aspirations about their future careers.  The pupils met local employers, heard more about local job opportunities and developed employability skills through the hands-on workshops.

"Overall I enjoyed the trip as it was very interesting and informed me much about careers in the area. We were able to move around to different tables, networking with different employers in a variety of careers to discuss what we wanted to do. My favourite discussion was with a civil engineer as I would like to do this for a job, but I also like the idea of going into the Navy too." Freddy Reeves-Cunningham - 8D

"I enjoyed the trip because I learnt more about the routes of becoming an engineer. We also met lots of other interesting people who explained their careers and how they go to be the person they have become today." Archie Jennings - 8S

Mrs Goldsmith, Head of Achievement for Year 8

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