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Ofsted 2016

'There is a sense of pride in the quality of learning in the school from staff and from pupils'

Good and Improving

Springfield Charity Work

Springfield pupils donated £1 each to participate in the annual festive non-uniform day today.  Year 11 Senior Prefects were delighted to present a cheque for £700 to the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth this afternoon which will be donated to the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth's Charity Appeal which supports the following charities - The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, NHS Trust Oncology and Haematology and Help 4 Special Children.

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Pupils in Year 10 have kindly donated food items this week to The LifeHouse in Southsea.  Mr Williams, Head of Achievement for Year 10 took the bags of food down to the depot today. The LifeHouse is a resource, support centre and soup kitchen in Albert Road, Southsea targeting the issues surrounding homelessness and addiction for those in need in Portsmouth.  Year 9 pupils have also made generous donations of food to Portsmouth Food Bank this week.


Well done to all the pupils and staff for your charity work not only today but throughout the year!

Annie - The Musical

We have been treated to three wonderful performances of the stage musical of ‘Annie ‘this week thanks to Springfield’s drama and music students.  ‘Annie’ has been a new and exciting challenge for the cast and musical performers and I would like to thank them all for their hard work. The high levels of energy, patience and enthusiasm, coupled with individual and collective talents, have given rise to amazing shows. Well done to everyone involved.  

Mrs Brown, Head of Drama

Annie Montage 1

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Elderly Neighbours' Party 2016

We were delighted to hold our annual Elderly Neighbours' party yesterday afternoon. Guests enthusiastically watched and joined in with a cabaret of music, some extracts from the drama production of 'Annie', bingo, a raffle and even pupil table magicians! Prefects mingled with the guests to ensure everyone had a merry time.

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Year 8 Houses

At the start of the academic year, Year 8 pupils were placed into three houses; Alliance (tutor groups N,E and F), Victory (tutor groups G,L and S) and Warrior (tutor groups P,R, and D). These names were chosen by the pupils themselves to commemorate the rich history of Portsmouth. Throughout the year, in various and diverse competitions, each of the houses will compete against each other to win the prestigious 'House of the Year 2017' trophy. However, some other important values of this competition will also focus on how to work cooperatively as a team, provide support for team mates and show respect to all. Many pupils applied for some of the captain roles in each house. They were House Captain, Vice House Captain, Sports Captain and Student Council Captain. It was a tough decision to make.  Below is a photo of the successful candidates who we deemed fighting fit for the job. The first competition has already concluded and Victory were 'victorious' this term, but next term is a new one, and anyone can knock them off their pedestal! Well done Year 8, lets hope next term is an even more successful one.

Mrs Goldsmith, Head of Achievement for Year 8

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Year 8 Safety Themed PDL Lessons

Year 8 have had some very informative Personal Development Learning (PDL) lessons today thanks to PCSOs, Fire Safety Officers from Hampshire Fire and Rescue, Cosham and Ollie Wilcox, Road Safety Office at Portsmouth City Council.  Pupils were split into groups and discussions ensued relating to road safety, personal safety including staying safe online and fire safety.  The pupils responded realy well to the sessions.  Thank you to the visitors who took the time to speak to the pupils today.

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Stakeholders' Luncheon 2016

We held our annual stakeholders' lunch today. This is our chance to say thank you to all the people who kindly give up their time to assist with focus days, school trips/events/clubs, mentoring, assemblies and lessons. Approximately 45 guests attended and were treated to a delicious lunch provided by GCSE catering/food and nutrition pupils. Year 10 pupil Aleisha Kingswell played a beautiful selection of music on the piano as the guests arrived and Springfield Prefects also assisted. Mr Lomas thanked the stakeholders for the excellent support they give the school in helping to develop pupils' personal development. 

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Portsmouth Parent Voice December Newsletter

Portsmouth Parent Voice is a service run by parents for parents of children and young people with additional needs or disability. Each month they publish a news letter "Impacting On You" containing information on a variety of subjects. Please find below December's copy.

Many thanks

Mrs Rooks, SENDCO 

Springfield Receives SDSS Plate

Springfield Science department have been very lucky to receive one of the SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey) plates of which there are very few.  An SDSS plate is an aluminium plate into which tiny holes are drilled. Each hole has an optical fibre plugged into it (by hand). Each hole corresponds to the sky location where there is an object (a star or a galaxy) which SDSS wants to measure a spectrum for. During SDSS spectroscopic observations, between six and nine of these are used every night. Each plate is custom drilled for a special part of the sky (about the size of your palm stretched out at arms length), and once all the data is collected for the astronomical objects in that plate, it becomes surplus to requirements. The Sloan Digital Sky Survey has created the most detailed three-dimensional maps of the universe ever made, with deep multi-color images of one third of the sky, and spectra for more than three million astronomical objects! The Science department are thinking of the perfect place to display the plate.  For more details and some examples of how the plates have been used elsewhere please follow the link below.



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Confident Communication for Year 9

We were delighted to welcome the education charity Talk The Talk to Springfield today.  Representatives from Talk The Talk spent the day with Year 9, focusing on improving the pupils' communication skills to enable positive interaction in all life situations.  The pupils participated in this exciting, confidence boosting and engaging master-class gaining essential speaking and listening skills within a creative classroom environment.  Pupils learned how to use persuasive language techniques to get their message across.  The day highlighted and nutured pupils' employability skills, gave interview techniques and key presentation skills.  Year 9 concluded the day by delivering a structured two minute presentation on a topic that they have a passion for to their peers.  Well done to all the pupils for participating and rising to the challenge and a huge thank you to all the Talk The Talk coaches for taking the time to visit us today. 

Council of Portsmouth Students Meeting

Well done to Harry Stoneman, 9S who represented Springfield at the Council of Portsmouth Students' meeting on Monday 21st November at Portsmouth College for what was a very productive meeting. The chosen leaders for the CoPs Forum met with Portsmouth College Principal, Steve Frampton who offered his support to with very important research aimed at improving learning within our schools and colleges.   

For the full article please follow the link: https://goo.gl/bLmA5I


DofE Congratulations

Our DofE Co-ordinator, Mrs Whitelock visited Churchers College yesterday for a DofE Managers Meeting and was delighted to be presented with a certificate confirming that Springfield DofE pupils completed 390 hours of volunteering in their local community between April 2015 and March 2016 and that the social value of those hours is £1,450.80!  Well done to all the current Year 11 pupils who have contributed to this.

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